• Encrusting Machine
  • Single-row model

The Encrusting Machine with flexible versatility on the market that combines high performance functions with extreme accuracy. 100 pcs./min (max.) production speed. Product Weight Range is 10 – 250g.



Cutting-edge features

Newly upgraded “Dough Feeding Mechanism” allows for gentle extrusion to make high quality products without damaging ingredients. The “Advanced Encrusting Performance”, design by Rheon’s latest technology can wrap & seal your material evenly. Stainless steel Hopper Cylinders with hygienic design that meets your sanitary requirements.

Compact Design

The size of the main body and parts are compact. Ideal for small production factories. Easy to assemble/disassemble, clean and store parts.

Great Sanitation

Hopper cylinder section where food materials are deposited, is made of stainless steel with high durability and sanitary design. It also is excellent for sanitation, as the mechanical screw drive that feeds the food material is not in direct contact with the food material. Also, the main body is washable with running water for hygienic cleaning!

Color Touch Screen

The 7.5 inch color touch panel is easy to see and easy to use with more operational functions. Up to 100 recipes “product information” can be stored in the PMU memory for ease of product recall for each product. 

Various forming capacities

Spherical Encrusting

Bar Shape Encrusting

Continuous Cylinder Extrusion

Weight, Length, and Encrusting Ratio are changeable as required

Weight range
Encrusting ratio change
Length range