Double Filling Feeder

  • Encrusting Machine
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Wide range of creamy materials can be used as the second filling. Two types of models are available “Pump type” and “Screw type”. Select the proper type according to the consistency of the filling desired.



Pump type

Extrudes soft and pasty filling such as cream and jam into the center of encrusted products. It is also capable of extruding liquid filling.

Ganache (Jam & Cream)

Product Examples

Marshmallow (Jam & Cream)

Cake Pie

Ghanache Ball

Screw type

Screw Type is suitable to feed relatively dense material. Feeding amount can be adjusted very widely according to the requirement.

Animal Cookie (3 colors)

Product Examples

Tow Color Vege-cookie & Pie

Ice Cream

Open Top Filled Buns