Manufacturing Plant

Kamikawachi Plant 

We have a clear quality philosophy and quality policy and are constantly working to meet global quality standards.

World-class Manufacturing Supporting Food Safety and Reliability

Rheon Automatic Machinery practices the highest-quality manufacturing in accordance with the world’s safety standards here at our Kamikawachi Plant, aiming to provide “safe and reliable food production machinery” that satisfies our customers.

DNC Line
CAD/CAM data is sent directly online to machine tools for unattended machining of parts.

Laser & Turret Punch Press Combination Machine
Combining a laser and turret punching, this machine performs advanced forming and processing.

The Kamikawachi Plant has an integrated production system that brings together all relevant departments from development and design to manufacturing (machining, assembly, and installing electrical components), inspections, and even trial operation and shipment of machines. The close and rapid communication between departments is a major driving force behind the high Rheon quality.