Message from the President

We will continue to contribute to society with a determination to “Be a company worth existing.”

In 1961, Torahiko Hayashi, the founder of Rheon Automatic Machinery, successfully developed an encrusting machine. This development freed steamed-bun shops and bakeries from the hard labor of encrusting. In the 60 years since, we have investigated the delicate nature of various food products and been quietly working to develop our food machinery. This has led to Rheon machines being used in 127 countries and regions to produce food products native to those locales. We have always remained dedicated to our policy of developing machinery that produces safe and delicious food by utilizing our unique and unprecedented technology that stands apart from that of other companies. We will continue to maintain our passion for development as we look toward the next 100 years. As a unique company that is indispensable to the world, we will pave the way for a bright future where people around the world can feel enriched in their lives. We look forward to your continued support.