Ultrasonic Slicer

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Ultrasonic Slicer gives a smooth and clean cutting surface without deforming. Perfectly slices products without surface distortion.



Production image

The Ultrasonic Slicer sharply slices bar-shaped dough formed with CORNUCOPIA and other Encrusting machines. Slices smoothly with minimal contact between the blade surface and product using microscopic vibration. Allows the product height up to 84 mm (less than maximum cutter stroke 85 mm). Cut product height must be less than 20 mm (out feed conveyor height). Please contact us for details.

Sticky dough, but also dough with solid ingredients such as sliced almonds or dried fruits nicely without distortion.

Slices complicated shaped product cleanly.

Perfect for cutting Swiss rolls. Ultrasonic Slicer can be also used as a stand-alone slicer. Very useful for cutting swiss rolls, fruit bars, as well as other products.

Cookie production line

Refrigeration is no longer needed in icebox cookie production. You can omit the refrigeration process and produce continuously and directly from dough extrusion to product panning for Ice Box Cookies.