Set Panner

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Automatically arranges product onto sheet pans made by the CORNUCOPIA.



Allows products to be arranged on a baking tray hygienically without losing their shape

High-productivity, gentle extrusion, hygienic operation without any manual contact with products. Compact design – 3 in 1 with Panning Conveyor, Tray Conveyor, and Tray Feeder combined all into one unit. Hygienic design, main body is washable with low-pressure water.

Panning Mode

Continuous Shutting

Arranges products in a row in one shuttling motion. Max. 10 shuttles / min
(Supports 100 pcs./min)

Intermittent Shuttling

Places products one-by-one. Max. 60 pcs./min

Panning Pattern

Uniform Tray Format

Staggered Tray Format

Optional devices for flour-less panning without residue on products

Water Spray Device

Sprays water on the Set Panner Conveyor

Releasing Agent Applying Device

Applies releasing agent on the Set Panner Conveyor