Variety Molder

  • Bread Making Machine
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When connected to a dough divider such as the V4-Twin Divider, the divided dough balls can be stretched flat and formed into rolls.



Model VR501 (1,000mm Long Press Board)

Variety Molder VR501

Easy to make Baguette & Large Loaf Bread. A variety of sizes can be achieved for breads such as Baguette, Demi Baguette and Loaf Bread by consistently rolling the dough to the desired length. Automate forming of bread by connecting the Variety Molder to create a line, production will become more effective while saving time and labor cost.



Model VR511 (Motor Driven Press Board)

Variety Molder VR511

Motorized Belt Press Board is the most ef fective way to make a variety of high-quality bread sizes. Belt speed differential between Press Board and Variety Molder creates efficient roll forming in a short distance



Example Layout

Line can make a variety of breads including ciabatta, loaf bread, and boule (round shape)