VX132 V4-S.F.D. with Cross Roller

  • Bread Making Machine
  • stand-alone machine

V4-S.F.D. performs to weigh and cut continuous of dough sheet. With its free and easy adjustment features, V4-S.F.D. facilitates bread production in full of varieties. Dividing Range: 200 – 7,000g(with weight correction mechanism ), Dough Output: 1,000 kg/h.


High-Quality bread produced by Stress Free Divider

V4-S.F.D. uniformly divides dough without damaging its structure. Suitable for many types of doughs. Solid ingredients mixed in the dough, such as raisins and olives, will not be crushed.

Production Images

Dough Feeding

Freely adjustable dough width: 150 – 250 mm

Cross Sheeting

Roller stroke: 550 mm in length

Cutting In Flow Direction

Easily makes 1 – 6 rows (with 7 Circular Cutters) Separater Conveyor for 2 – 3 row production

Weight Checker

Manual weighing feed back system: up to 7,000 g

Weighing Cut System

Dividing range: 200 – 7,000 g with weight correction mechanism