EZ Table

  • Bread Making Machine
  • Line

EZ Table is a simple straight bread line, which consists of two devices, “Action Roller and Make-Up Table”.



Can easily produce high-quality breads and pastries

EZ Table automatically forms variety of products by producing Bread and Pastry from continuous dough sheet. Rheon System creates high-quality products without any damage to the dough. Choose the best combination according to the required products, production amount, and plant space.

Highly efficient dough stretching machine “Action Roller”

Action Roller stretches the dough sheet without breaking out the dough and fat layers for the production of delicate pastries. By simply inputing “dough width”, “dough thickness” and “stretching roller speed”, Action Roller can create specified dough sheet automatically by sensing the flow of dough and accurately calculating the dough-stretching ratio.

Compact EZ Table

Compact bread line, which has high productivity with less space. Compact EZ Table is designed to work for a wide range of production, and various options can be attached to the make-up table. The Guillotine Cutter can easily slide for two cutting positions.

EZ Table

Automatically creates various products. Universal Table is a more versatile make-up system than the Compact Table because of its wide variety of shaping attachments. Therefore, should you choose this automated system based on your production requirements. All the shaping attachments are easily detachable for quick cleaning of products and for easy cleaning.

Various optional attachments can be installed

Croissant Turner
Side Winder
Guillotine Cutter
Slit cutter

Hexagonal Cutter

Sugar Duster