Compound nozzle Ultrasonic Slicer

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Outstanding cutting capability due to the ultrasonic vibration. Cleanly slices even complicated shaped dough or one with solid particles without deformation. Production Capacity is 100 cuts/min.



Slices complicated shaped product cleanly

Sharply and smoothly slices dough extruded from Cornucopia KN551 compound nozzle with microscopic vibration (amplitude: 90 – 100 μm). Comes in two cutting modes: “continuous cutting” for higher production speed and “intermittent cutting” with adjustable cutting speed.

The device can be mounted and dismounted easily. By simple parts replacement, Cornucopia can be used alone.

Product Examples

Ultrasonic cutter slices the dough horizontally before the dough touches the belt; so the sliced dough shape remains nice and clean even in a complex shape as well as round or square. Even dough with solids such as crushed almond can be cut cleanly.