Solid Feeder

  • Encrusting Machine
  • Options

By attaching the Solid Feeder to the “CORNUCOPIA”, it is now possible to encrust solid material in your products. The maximum production capacity is 1,800 pcs./h.



Full encrusting of solid materials

You can now produce more varieties of products using solid materials for your own individual creation. The optional “Air Suction” device eliminates air pockets in the products. (Suction can be adjusted depending on the products.) Power is supplied from Cornucopia main body. Some CORNUCOPIAs need to attach “option connector”.

Solid Material with Filling

Moon Cake with yolk

Chinese Meat Bun with Boiled Pork, Moon Cake with Egg Yolk etc, Encrusts solid material with filling.

Product Examples

Pie with Chestnut

Daifukumochi with Strawberry

Single Solid Material

Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg, Knödel etc, Encrusts solid material without filling. (Special parts are required. For further details, please contact us.)

Product Examples


Chinese Meat Bun with Boiled Pork