Chinese Steam Buns Shaping Device

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This CORNUCOPIA optional device will automatically form creases on top of the Chinese bun, making it look hand made. Easy production of uniform high quality Chinese bun.



Creates handmade-like “Creases” and “Twists” exactly the way you want

Two available types “Folding” and “Folding & Twisting”. Folding and Twisting can be turned on and off separately. It is also possible for products to bypass Folds and Twists.


Product in position while twisting the center accurately.


Product in position while twisting the center accurately.

Forming Example

Number of crease can be adjustable (9, 12, 18 and 24) .
* There are two ways to adjust the number of creases; either by changing the entire folding unit or by removing some blades from the unit.
* Common parts include 12 and 24 creases and 9 and 18 creases.

Xiao Long Bao can also be produced

Dedicated folding parts enable forming creases with dent on the center-top of the product. It is perfect for small products hard to twist (50g or less).