V4-Pastry Production Line

  • Bread Making Machine
  • Line

The V4 Pastry Production Line is a fully automated line for continuous production of high-quality layered pastry products, such as puff pastries and Danish pastries.



Uniform, continuous dispensing without compromising dough quality

The V4-Dough Feeder forms the dough into a continuous sheet and supplies it to subsequent lines. It can be connected to any of Rheon’s sheet forming lines.

Automatic fat roll-in

The Fat Pump smoothly dispenses fat onto the sheet of dough, after which Sheet Holders installed on both sides lift the edges of the dough and lay them on top of the fat.

New Multi-Stretcher: Damage-free dough stretching

One-box design frame covers forming section. No waste by preventing flour from scattering outside the stretcher. Automatic cleaning mode is added for stretching rollers. Excess flour on stretching rollers is cleaned automatically. Sanitation and safety are improved by maintaining high-performance stretching.



New Parallel Piler: Dough folding and layering

Keeps dough width uniform by reducing shrinkage of folded dough sheets.

Stable dough width minimizes trim loss. Uniform dough width improves weight accuracy.

New Turner: Improved machine precision

This device rotates dough cut into triangles, such as for croissants and butter rolls, 90 degrees. Sensors detect the dough and automatically adjust the movement and timing.

Improved accuracy with full 90-degree rotation of triangle dough sheet. Consistent production at 85 rpm (maximum speed) is available. Another turner is available for production in the range of 85 rpm-200 rpm.

New Molder: Flexible rolling control

The latest technology makes it easy to manage the degree of rolling and the final position of the rolling.

Vacuum Device* assists and improves the stability of rolling. (*This can be stored in the main body when not used.)

Variety Make-up Table with a number of potential arrangements

The Variety Make-up Table, which is attached to other machines, comes with a Double Rotary Cutter Frame that allows for up to two cutters to be attached; a Spot Spray that can be used in Spot, Continuous, or Drip modes; and a Scrap Conveyor that transports the excess dough created when adjusting dough width to the exterior, all as standard features. Its open underbody structure and easy-to-clean design allow for very hygienic use.

Various forming options

A variety of Rotary Cutters

Continuously cuts stretched dough sheets into triangles, circles, or slit patterns with rotating blades.

Croissant Turner

A device that rotates dough cut into triangles 90 degrees for the production of croissants, butter rolls, etc.

Curling Unit

Automatically rolls up croissants and butter rolls. It can also roll up the dough firmly while pulling it.

Side Winder

Rolls up a continuous stream of dough sheets using a rotating roller. It can also roll up sheets with fillings or granular solid materials on them.

Folding Unit

Folds the continuous stream of dough sheets two or three times using a turn guide.


A device that dispenses fillings such as red bean paste, cream, and jam. Various types of devices are available depending on the application, such as continuous, intermittent, and spot dispensers.