Culinary Harmony Semniar: Latin & Asian Bites Showcase at Rheon CA Lab | March 13th 2024 at 10am –

Event completed. Thank you for attending!

Join us at the Culinary Harmony Seminar by Rheon, where tradition meets cutting-edge automation in a showcase of Asian and Latin Bites. Experience the efficiency of Rheon’s Co-Extruder, Concha Machine, Set Panner, and Rack Loader as they seamlessly streamline the forming, panning, and rack loading process flow. Mark your calendar for March 13th, Wednesday at Rheon CA Lab!

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Demonstration Menu:
Filled Concha by KN551 Co-extruder + Concha Line
Mini Quesadilla by KN551 + KP302 Panner + Heat Stamper
Double Filled Tamales by KN050 Co-Extruder + Screw Feeder
Chocochip & Nuts Cookie by KN551 + KP302 + Rack Loader
Xiao Long Bao by KN551 + KP302 + Rack Loader
Shumai by KN551 + KP302 + Rack Loader
・Sanimatic Parts Washer demo