“Renew Your Culinary Passport” at Rheon Seminar – May 22, 10am at Rheon NJ office

Get ready to elevate your production game! Explore the potential of our encrusting technology and how it can streamline your operations. From steam buns to pot pies, we’ll demonstrate its impact on your food production. Reserve your spot now by shooting us an email at us.east@rheon.com. 
See you on Wed, May 22nd at 10 am at our NJ Lab!

See details here

Demonstration Menu:
1. Steam Buns by KN551 Co-extruder, Screw Feeder and NU032 Twisting Device
2. Churro Bites by KN050 Co-extruder and Churros Ring
3. Double Filled Arancini by KN050 Co-extruder and Pump Feeder
4. Soup Dumplings by KN551 Co-extruder, Twist Shutter and KP302 Set Panner
5. Pot Pie by KN551 Co-extruder, UC303 Forming Conveyor, GK420 Vertical Cross Cutter, and KP302 Set Panner

Have any questions? Just drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you with a smile!