HM Line

  • Bread Making Machine
  • Line

HM Line produces wide variety of high quality products such as Puff Pastry, Danish, Croissants, Breads, Doughnuts and Shortbread easily on a single compact line.



Allows for high-quality and unique bread forming

HM Line is a multi-purpose complex pastry production line composed of high performance stretching machine “Multi-Stretcher” and automatic dough folding machine “Parallel Piler” and so on. Adopting the STRESS FREE System, high quality products can be made without damaging the dough. By connecting the “Universal Table”, various types of forming can be achieved. A variety of products such as Danish Pastry, Puff Pastry and much more can be produced by this single line.

A versatile and multi-functional dough stretcher

Multi-Stretcher is a multi-purpose, multi-function stretcher with added “Punching Effect”, improves dough strength, and “Degassing Effect”, takes out the excess gas in the dough, in addition to current “Stretching” function. The stretching roller speed and direction of rotation can be easily controlled according to the dough condition for the best stretching result. Product quality improves with bigger volume, uniform layers and so on.

Variety Make-up Table

The Variety Make-up Table ( newly designed Make-Up System Conveyors ) allows various make-up options to be freely combined and installed on the make-up table to enable automated production of Danish pastries, Croissants, Pies, and other items. This means that you can realize the optimal line configuration for the items you want to produce. With this, stable production of items enfolding ham,sausage, chocolate bars, and so on, has also become possible. Croissant production performance has been improved, as well.

Various forming options

A variety of Rotary Cutters

Croissant Turner

Curling unit

Side Winder

Folding Unit